About Wood River

Wood River Studio is the creative brainchild of serial entrepreneur, artist, inventor, and master craftsman, Lenard Kensey and his business partner, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sean Kostelnik. They met early 2022 at Melbourne Makers Space in Melbourne, FL and were immediately intrigued by the others abilities. Not long after they began designing and building furniture which quickly grew into Wood River Studio. What started in a shared workspace the size of a garage now operates a state of the art wood and metal shop and maintains a gallery style studio showroom. While Len operates the back of the house and Sean the front, what bonds them together is their shared conviction for making things and their community better. 

Len Kensey

Len’s nature is to operate in the background. Raised on a farm in Pennsylvania Len spent his childhood taking things apart and putting them back together. This nurtured his creative genius which later blossomed into inventions and patents. Some of which revolutionized aspects of the oil & gas industry. He’s designed, built, operated, and sold businesses. He’s constructed houses and rebuilt cars. He’s a master craftsman and metal worker. But most of all he’s an artist. An artist’s greatest expression is realized in that which has never been done before. This is the only way something truly unique is ever shared and what inspires Len’s love for building custom furniture. Every project is an opportunity to do something different, something new, something improved. This act of rebellion against the status quo is inherent to all great artists and one way Len makes things better. 

Sean Kostelnik

Raised in Ohio’s forest covered hills Sean spent much of his childhood immersed in nature. His first love was the forest where he’d get lost in contemplation while lounging in the branches of giant Northern Oak trees. It is his inherent connection to the woods which lead him to work with wood.  From a long line of craftsman he began building at a young age. He has developed and honed skills passed to him from his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. All of whom were masters at their craft. Fundamental to their teaching was that a true craftsman makes no effort to force their will, but rather realizes improvement by assisting that which is intended to be. It is based on this principle that Sean leads Wood River Studio. Molding and shaping the company to its will rather than his own. A company which he envisions as a launch pad for those interested in their potential. Wood River builds heirloom quality custom furniture, but before that they intend to inspire quality human beings.

Mark Malkin


7077 North Atlantic Ave. #7
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

Tue-Sat: 11-5pm
Sun-Mon:  Closed