The finest things are hard to find. That is why the best of anything is rare and why quality is always something worked for. So we sought out sustainable ways to source premium wood from around the world. We formed strategic partnerships in order to support our environment and guarantee the highest quality product. Here is how we are doing it.

Costa Rica

We import the bulk of our wood from Costa Rica because of their sustainability practices. We have a large stock of exotic live edge slabs and crosscuts


We dredge and salvage driftwood found in local rivers and inter-coastal waterways. We then clean, mill, and sanitize the wood before creating art with it .

Local Partnerships

We rescue trees from the landfill through local partnerships with tree removal companies. We mill the tree and then kiln dry the wood before crafting it into furniture.

The Process

Costa Rica is one of the most ecologically conscious countries in the world and as a result their forests have expanded by over 30% in the last 30 years. We only import lumber from dead, dying, or down trees from a very specific region where trees are known to thrive the most. Therefore, not only is it some of the finest wood in the world, it was harvested in consideration of the environment. We participate in every aspect of the process, and ultimately hand select every piece that passes through Wood River Studio. This video offers an inside look.


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