Wolf Ridge Ergo LED Desk


Every detail of this desk was carefully considered for functionality, craftsmanship, and appeal. The shape of this desk was designed to merge with the body. The hand carved cove subtly wraps around your torso so you feels connected to the desk while working. And the blade like edge is ergonomically designed to best support your forearms while typing. The LED control switch is located a fingers length under the front right corner for blind tactile operation. The power plug protrudes from the laser engraved brass name plate on the back right corner of the desk. And the custom fabricated steel base is designed to maximize knee and leg room. This offers fuller range of motion making the desk feel larger.

We crafted this piece from a single slab of hand selected North Carolina Black Walnut. We were especially drawn to the intricate grain pattern and the contrast between the hardwood and sapwood. The slab was milled in our full service wood shop before we joined the live edges with Ruby Red epoxy resin. We then inlayed custom LED’s which reduce light burn and offer a uniform glow that is pleasant to the eyes. The LED’s support a range of colors and settings, and can be operated in three different ways; via switch under table, remote control, or smartphone app. Instructions to pair the lights to your phone are laser engraved on a brass plate secured to the bottom of the desk. The top of the desk was sanded, treated with a natural wood finish, and polished for beauty and protection. And the steel base was powder coated with a satin black finish for maximum durability. We also designed the base in three pieces joined with inlayed hex bolts for convenience and elegance. The top is secured to the based with the same inlay hex design and stainless steel threaded inserts.

This piece is truly unique and offers uncompromising quality in design, material, and craftsmanship.

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Dimensions: 28.5″ x 48″ x 31.5″

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